A practical guide to the clinical trials journey

The NSW Regional Health Partners Clinical Trials Roadmap is an online resource for conducting clinical trials in regional NSW.

The Clinical Trials Roadmap is an interactive, evolving resource that will provide practical advice to understand, develop, plan and start up clinical trials.
The Roadmap sets out key steps, resources and contacts, and we've imagined this from two perspectives, two clinical trial scenarios:

Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials - "I have an idea to improve healthcare, and I want to run a clinical trial". You want to develop your idea for a trial but don't have a pre-existing protocol, funding or a Sponsor.

Sponsored Clinical Trials - "I have been asked to run a clinical trial by someone else". You have been approached by an industry Sponsor, another academic group or a cooperative research group to be an investigator on their trial to open in your site. This part of the Roadmap will take you to ethics approval and execution of your Sponsor's agreement.

Visit the Clinical Trials Roadmap website at https://ctroadmap.hmri.org.au/

Clinical Trials Roadmap