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The ABC (Adolescents, Babies and Children) Research Network was developed to facilitate research and communication in the area of children’s health.

The objective of the network is to create a cohesive network of active researchers with a focus on the health of infants, children and young people.

ABC provides a framework for children’s research network supported by HMRI, Kaleidoscope and HNE Health.

Internally the network will allow researchers in children’s health to be aware of each other’s work, to establish collaborations within the field and to build capacity for external grants.

Externally the network will build capacity for external grants and give agencies a focal point to interact with and contribute in children’s research in Northern New South Wales.

There are currently two levels of membership which have been designed to encourage inclusiveness. The levels of membership have been designed in such a way so that members who feel less able to commit time or contribute from their current experience may still be involved with the network as associate members.

Similarly, the individuals who identify as full members can provide the core group from which a higher level of expertise and commitment to child health research can be identified. It is expected that voting rights and decision making would remain within the full membership group.

Steering Committee


Full membership: researchers with an established track record, including some publications, and be actively researching.

Associate membership: researchers with less experience, or a less active role in research or child health, but nevertheless maintain an interest in child health research.

If you would like to become a member, please download and submit the below Application Form

ABC Network Application for Membership

September 2014 Seminar: Presentations Online! 

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If you any questions regarding the network please contact Trish D'Accione on (02) 4042 0587 or complete the below form.

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