fbpx Dean and Sarah Mumm's Story | HMRI

BorneHMRI was established after Dean and Sarah Mumm’s devastating personal experience. They have given birth to 6 children, 4 of whom were lost due to preterm birth.  Dean and Sarah are passionate about ending preterm birth so that no parent goes through their experience. Vital funds and awareness are raised so that preterm birth becomes a thing of the past globally. 

Dean and Sarah want to raise awareness about preterm birth and the deep impact it has on Australian society and globally.  They want people to know it is costing Australia billions of dollars every year and that small changes could make big savings.  They are passionate about supporting medical research to find answers and solutions so that no baby is born too soon thus giving that baby the opportunity to reach its full health and economic potential.

Sarah and Dean feel they are giving their six children a voice and creating a legacy for good out of a devastating situation.