Dementia is a massive burden of illness. Many of us have had parents or grandparents who ended up in care facilities.

Professor Michael Breakspear has worked in those facilities. We know from the Royal Commission that there are many problems with aged care in Australia. The best approach is prevention - to keep our loved ones as healthy as possible leading up to older age.

That's what we're working on here at HMRI and we need your continued financial support to keep this kind of research going.

Right now Professor Breakspear and his team are researching the link between hearing loss and cognitive function in later life. We are implanting cochlear implants into patients experiencing age-related hearing loss and then measuring how that impacts their cognitive function.

Hearing loss has been identified as an important risk factor for dementia and fortunately, it can be treated.

This is a ground-breaking investigation. Using advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), we are studying brain structure and functioning before and after cochlear implants.

Can HMRI count on you to give a gift of hope and health today?

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