Have you had a stroke?  Are you a carer for someone who has had a stroke? You can help!

Researchers are inviting people who have had a stroke, or are carers for someone who has had a stroke, to help design a long-term recovery group for stroke survivors. The aim of the group is to incorporate exercise, socialising and art-based thinking activities to improve recovery and quality of life for people living with stroke.


Who can participate in the research?

We are looking for the following people to participate:

  • People who have had a stroke
  • People who are carers for someone who has had a stroke
  • People with experience running community programs to help people:
    • move eg. exercise, dancing, balance group, Tai Chi
    • socialise
    • participate in art-based thinking activities eg, singing, art

If you’re unsure if you fit these criteria, a discussion with the researchers can help you decide if this research is right for you. You can contact Dr Heidi Janssen on (02) 4042 0417 or Heidi.Janssen@health.nsw.gov.au

Why is the research being done?

Most stroke survivors get approximately 12 weeks of rehabilitation and for many this is not enough.

Many need more time and activities to assist their recovery and increase their confidence to return to the things they used to enjoy. By designing a group setting with activities that are enjoyable and have the potential to promote greater activity and engagement in rehabilitation activities, we want stroke survivors to explore new things for the benefit their health and wellbeing.

Why are volunteers needed?

We are seeking volunteers to help our researchers design a group for stroke survivors so that they can continue ongoing rehabilitation within a community-based venue.

The aim is to design a group where stroke survivors meet at a community setting to exercise, socialise and participate in art-based thinking activities. Researchers want to test how well this type of group improves a stroke survivor's recovery including their ability to be independent as well as their mood and quality of life. The aim is to develop a group which can continue for many years to come even after this specific research project is over.

We need volunteers to ensure the group structure is designed meets the needs of stroke survivors and their carers.

If I take part, what will I be asked to do?

If you take part in the study, you will be asked to take part in a workshop at HMRI or via an online platform to share your experiences and opinions.

Free, reserved parking will be provided.

The workshop will run for approximately 90 mins (maximum 2 hours with a break) and researchers will encourage discussion around:

  • What is wanted in this type of group?
  • What might make it easy and hard for stroke survivors and carers to regularly attend such a group?
  • What art-based thinking activities are of interest?
  • What questions need to be included in a survey to stroke survivors and their carers when trying to understand what should be included in the group?
  • What things need to be in place to ensure safety?
  • How can we make sure such a group is suitable for most people who have had a stroke?

One or more of the following researchers will help facilitate the workshop:

  • Dr Heidi Janssen, Physiotherapist & Stroke Researcher
  • Ms Diana Colvin, Physiotherapist & Research Assistant
  • Ms Alison Dakin, Registered Nurse & Research Assistant
  • Ms Alex Denham, PhD candidate

You may also be invited to come back for up to 4 more workshops throughout the year to help decide how to run the study and to make sure it meets the needs of stroke survivors in the community

Click here to download participant information statement - Stroke Survivors

Click here to download the participant information statement - Stroke Survivor Carers

Register your interest

To find out more or to register your interest please contact our team on (02) 4042 0417 Heidi.Janssen@health.nsw.gov.au

Hunter Stroke Research Register

This study is also inviting people from the Stroke Research Register - Hunter to participate. To be invited to participate in other studies in stroke rehabilitation and recovery, register here.