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HMRI Open Day 2019

October 11, 2019 - 10:00am to 3:00pm
HMRI Open Day 2019

Results from "The BeSSSt Study: Bean Sorting Sitting or Standing?"

Join us for a day of fun and education where you can meet the researchers and find out all about the work happening behind the scenes.

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We have a big day planned for Friday 11th October 2019 with interactive activities and events including:

  • Hands On Health & Research Expo
  • Interactive Science Sessions & Activities
  • Science Meets Fiction Talk
  • Laboratory Tours
  • Research & Discovery Public Seminars
Hands On Health and Research Expo

Explore our multi-level interactive research expo where you can meet the Hunter's leading researchers and explore a wide range of research being undertaken right here in Newcastle. From cancer to asthma and stroke to wellbeing, ground breaking research from across the health spectrum will be right at your fingertips.

The public will also have the opportunity to observe research being done first hand in each of the laboratories throughout the building.

Interactive Science Sessions & Activities

Come and explore the exciting world of health, science and medical research! There will be lots of fun and engaging activities for kids and teenagers to do at the HMRI Open Day including:

  • Join in the Interactive Kids Science Sessions
  • Journey through the amazing Brain Exhibit
  • Discover gross things exploring Blood & Guts Central
  • Learn all about gut health in the Poo Palace
  • Take part in Science Experiments & Challenges
  • Become a HMRI Scientist for the Day
  • Sign up for the Girls in STEM program
  • Come along to the Science Fact Meets Science Fiction talk - The Weird & Wonderful World of Wounds
  • Plus lots, lots, LOTS more.

Complete a series of fun science challenges on the day and kids will be awarded a real researcher lanyard and get a photo with our mad scientist in the photo booth.  

Laboratory Tours

We're opening the doors to all levels of the HMRI Buildings with lab tours of the cancer & genetics, mothers & babies and stroke labs as well as HMRI's world class Clinical Trials Centre. 

During the lab tours you will be able to watch experiments taking place, learn about the latest research being conducted and experience a working laboratory. You will also have a chance to ask Hunter researchers about what's new in medical research and learn about the different research trials conducted. These tours are run by the HMRI researchers and employees who are more than happy to answer questions and share their experiences of life in the lab.

Tours will go for about 15 minutes and will begin approximately every 30 minutes. There is no need to register, the tours will run for the entire length of the day. 

Research and Discovery Seminars

The Research and Discovery Seminars are a great way to find out from leading researchers about the latest exciting breakthroughs and what's next on the research agenda across a range of diseases and health areas. 

With a focus around a central disease, these seminars are structured as an interactive, mini Q & A style seminar. Each session will feature researchers who will discuss current research, clinical practice and the future of diseases and health followed by questions from the public.

These sessions provide the opportunity for an insight into the new discoveries, new treatments and new hopes for the future. It also allows for those attending to personally engage with researchers.

The research sessions will run for 50 min in the Caves Lecture Theatre and will be held between 10am and 2pm.

There is no reserved seating. Please arrive early if you wish to secure a seat.

10am - Inside Story: What Goes in Must Come Out
Dr Emma Beckett, molecular nutritionist, will share insights into the food we eat. What makes us taste? How your mum’s diet affects what you taste. Why do we make the food choices that we do and are we really what we eat? Now, we know that what goes in must come out, so Associate Professor Simon Keely will talk about food’s digestion and poo. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

11am - Science Meets Fiction Talk: The Weird & Wonderful World of Wounds
Jessica Stokes Parish will take a deep-dive into the wonderful world of fake wounds, moulage and simulation. She’ll explore the history, and discuss how fake wounds, moulage and simulation are used in health and medical research and practice.

12pm - When Good Cells Go Bad
Sometimes good cells in our body can go rogue. When this happens, and they don’t follow the usual rules of growth and division – conditions such as cancer can arise. Dr Anoop Enjeti studies blood disorders such as cancer, and is currently managing clinical trials into acute leukemia, myeloma and myelodysplasia. Dr Tessa Lord will share her insights into fertility research and will explore common issues around sperm and eggs – and how things can go awry.

1pm - Brains, Brains, Brains!
Our brains, we can’t live without them, but what do we know about them? Associate Professor Paul Tooney has been studying the brain for over 20 years – first in the field of Schizophrenia, and now he’s exploring brain cancer. Paul will speak about the mysteries of the brain – why have we been studying this organ for so long, and yet there’s still so much to learn? Professor Frini Karayanidis will speak about the wonders of the brain and approaches to optimise outcomes for young and old.

Super Science Girls

Following great success in 2018, HMRI is offering a special super science girls program again at the 2019 Open Day.

Hosted by some seriously awesome female science superheroes, girls will get an insight into the exciting world of STEM and science. Our Super Science Girls will:

  • Embark on a private all access backstage tour of a working cancer laboratory
  • Complete a series of science challenges with a medical researcher
  • Discover a range of exciting careers for girls in science
  • Listen to scientists talk about their journey into science.
  • Graduate as an honorary ‘Super Science Girl’

Recommended for any girl aged 10-15 who has an interest in science, medicine or STEM subjects at school.

Session times: 10am and 2pm
Location: Nobbys Room, Level 4 (behind the lift)
Running time: 1 hour

This program is incredibly popular and places are limited.

Click here to register for the Super Science Girls program

Transport Information & Free Bus Service for Open Day

There is limited free parking onsite at HMRI. We encourage all visitors to utilise public transport or the FREE SHUTTLE BUS running all day from McDonald Jones Stadium.

For mobility parking, please see security on entry to the HMRI carpark and we will do our best to accommodate by allocating close-by car spaces (subject to availability).

For your convenience, HMRI have arranged FREE SHUTTLE BUSES for transporting visitors to Open Day. A bus will leave every 15 minutes for the entire day! Simply park at McDonald Jones Stadium and catch the shuttle bus to and from the HMRI Building.



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