Recognise, Remove, and Refer: Protecting Players and Managing Concussion in Adult and Children Athletes

September 16, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Recognise, Remove, and Refer: Protecting Players and Managing Concussion in Adult a

There’s no doubt that Australia is a sports-loving nation.
However with this love of sport comes a growing concern with the number of reported sports-related concussions and the potential complications with athletes of all levels, from professionals to kids playing weekend sport.

When managed appropriately, most concussion symptoms resolve spontaneously, but complications can occur when concussion signs and symptoms are not recognised.

Join clinical neuropsychologist and researcher Associate Professor Andrew Gardner and former Australian Rugby League star Martin Lang as they provide evidence-based advice on how to:

  • Better recognise the signs and symptoms of concussion
  • Discuss the importance of immediately removing an athlete from play
  • The management, and medical follow-up process, as well as the graduated return to play.

If you are involved in, play or know someone who plays a contact sport at any level, this seminar is for you! 

When: Thursday 16 September
Time: 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Where: Streamed online via Zoom 
Cost: Free

Meet our speakers:

Associate Professor Andrew Gardner is a clinical neuropsychologist and research fellow at the University of Newcastle and HMRI. He is co-lead of the Hunter New England Sports Concussion Clinic, an Executive Committee Member for the Priority Research Centre for Stroke and Brain Injury, a member of the World Rugby Concussion working group and a concussion consultant to Rugby Australia.
His research interests cover the full spectrum of concussion, from injury prevention with tackle techniques, to injury identification via video analysis, to acute assessment through the validation of various measures, to the evaluation of later-in-life brain and mental health of retired athletes.
In 2020, Associate Professor Gardner was awarded the HMRI Early-Career Researcher of the Year.

Martin Lang is a former professional NRL and State of Origin Rugby League player. Known for his physical style of play he suffered multiple concussions during his rugby career spanning nine years, 176 1st grade games and three State of Origin series.
He holds a Bachelor of Exercise Science (BExSc) degree and is a current PhD (Neuroscience) candidate at the University of Newcastle, conducting research in the phenotyping of contact sport-induced traumatic brain injury.