Virtual Community Seminar: A Heart to Heart with HMRI - Heart Health

February 25, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Virtual Community Seminar: A Heart to Heart with HMRI - Heart Health

Your heart is the power source of your body, the generator - without it, nothing works!

Showing your heart some tender loving care is central to overall good health and to keep your body working at optimum levels.

You are never too young or too old to take care of your heart so join us for a virtual community seminar for a heart-to-heart with some of HMRI's leading cardiovascular health researchers including Associate Professor Narelle Eather, Professor Andrew Boyle, and Associate Professor Aaron Sverdlov.

From prevention to treatment, learn how you can look after your heart and what the research is telling us:

  • Learn about how physical activities and fitness levels can impact positively on heart health;
  • Types of physical activity that are great for cardiovascular health;
  • Research supported by HMRI to promote cardiovascular health in children and adults;
  • The science behind the heart and how the heart can be regenerated following heart attacks and with advancing age;
  • What research is being done to help prevent cancer survivors from getting heart disease, a common factor affecting 1/3 of cancer survivors.

When: Thursday 25 February 2021
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Where: Virtual community seminar via Zoom webinar
UPDATE: This seminar will no longer be broadcast from HMRI's Facebook page due to our page being affected by the recent Australian news ban by Facebook. Unfortunately due to this ban our Facebook page is currently inactive. Please register to receive the link for the Zoom webinar.
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About our presenters:

Associate Professor Narelle Eather is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, the Program Convenor of the Bachelor Teaching (Health and Physical Education) (Honours), Program Convenor for the Bachelor Education (Secondary), and deputy theme leader for ‘School-Based Intervention Research’ in the Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition at the University of Newcastle. The focus of Associate Professor Eather's research is the promotion of physical activity and physical fitness among children and youth, and with the development and evaluation of theoretically-driven interventions in the school setting. She is a passionate advocate for health, fitness, and sports participation and loves to explore innovative ways to improve what we do to help individuals reach their potential.

Professor Andrew Boyle is a clinically trained cardiologist and respected leader in cardiovascular research. He has a keen interest in the reparative processes in the heart after damage and how to reverse scarring and tissue damage after heart attacks.  He is interested in cardiovascular health - in particular why people are suffering heart attacks at such a young age. He leads a successful research laboratory based at HMRI where he studies pre-clinical models of left ventricular remodeling and is also an active clinician and clinical researcher at the John Hunter Hospital working to improve the outcomes of people affected by heart attacks and heart muscle damage. 

Associate Professor Aaron Sverdlov is a cardiologist and clinician-scientist with a proven track record in basic through to clinical research. His research interests encompass a broad spectrum of topics related to heart failure and cardio-oncology (cardiovascular complications of cancer therapies). He is committed to improving management and outcomes for patients with heart failure through a better understanding of the mechanisms involved and discovering novel biomarkers and therapies.