I have been planning a ‘bioinformatics bootcamp’ event to be held in March 2018.

I was successful in obtaining $7000 from UoN IRVF scheme to bring Dr Simon Andrews from the Babraham Institute in Cambridge UK to Newcastle for 2 weeks. Dr Andrews and his team have extensive experience in training biologists to understand and analyse their own sequencing data, and I know from experience how empowering this training can be.  I have been working hard to make sure the event is as successful as possible, conducting a survey of UoN/HMRI scientists and consulting with Dr Andrews and Carlos Riveros. Based on this we have drafted a custom built training event to suit the needs of researchers in Newcastle. This event will include 6 full days of training. Because of the intensive nature of this event, Simon requires a teaching assistant to deliver the course.     I am writing to request co-funding from HMRI to a total of $6800. These funds will allow Dr Anne Segonds-Pichon to assist Dr Andrews with the training event. Dr Segonds-Pichon is a biostatistician within the Babraham Bioinformatics team who routinely teaches many of the components included in the training event.

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