Myopic (short-sighted) eyes are too long for their optical power because of excessive growth.

The prevalence of myopia has increased dramatically within one generation, and high myopia is a leading cause of blindness. When mammalian eyes develop myopia, the elastic coating of the eye (the sclera) weakens.  We have discovered that the most vulnerable region is a region around the optic nerve (which we call the peripapillary zone or PPZ). We will use a new approach which aims to strengthen the sclera in this area using our novel and safe bioengineering treatment that we have patented. We have evidence that this treatment when applied to the whole globe completely halts eye growth in myopic animals. We wish to determine if this treatment applied specifically in the PPZ will also halt myopic growth. If successful, we will be able to progress to clinical trials in humans.


Dr Sally McFadden, Professor Dan Schwartz, Associate Professor Paul Baird, Professor Julia Kornfield 

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