If successful, the funds will partly cover up for my enrolment in advanced or accelerated leadership program offered through The National Excellence in Educational Leadership Initiative (NEELI), Women & Leadership Australia (WLA). The program elements emphasizes on leadership foundation, interpersonal skills, leadership challenges and peer coaching through self-directed learning and online sessions, including an interactive online community portal to engage in effective discussions and feedback.

As a female researcher, one often tends to miss out on opportunities while finding a balance between work and home. From enrollment and participation in this leadership program, I aspire to explore my own strengths and weaknesses and then work on them to transform myself into a motivated and successful individual, researcher, peer and collaborator. It would help me leverage opportunities in building and maintaining flexible, understanding, comfortable and effective high-performing team culture, which is necessary for a female researcher so as to find a right balance between work and home. It will help me in adapting effective interpersonal communication skills and approaches that would assist me in making conflict a constructive and potentially transformative experience. 

Having known and learn all these abilities will boost my confidence and accelerate my career progress simultaneously strengthening my performance along with my peers and organization. It will acquaint me on how to adapt to changes which are ever-present part of modern working life and integrate my skills and learning to effectively embrace and lead the change. This program will provide me opportunities to grow professionally and create powerful, lifelong professional networks along with developing capabilities to deal with day-to-day realities and challenges. 

Finally, having all these attributes refined and polished in my persona will open avenues for me to approach people, network, make collaborations, work in different team environments subsequently providing opportunities to successfully write national and international collaborative project grants thereby accelerating research and promotion aspects.

Having this funding and an opportunity to learn management and leadership skills will help me take a giant leap from an early to a mature, confident researcher prepared to deal with various up- and down of the research career effectively without compromising work proficiency and efficiency. This opportunity is a way forward to experience and inculcate a balanced approach in life from both personal as well as the interpersonal perspective that is mandatory for a strong team building and work environment, where everybody can progress and cope with stress together.


Dr Kavita Prabeja

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Project Grant
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