This proposal seeks funding to establish a Targeted Nanoparticle Development Facility within the Hunter Medical Research Institute. We also seek funding for a post-doctoral scientist who will use the technology to develop novel diagnostics that will identify cancer metastases from thyroid and ovarian cancers, locate other endocrine cancers and importantly develop new ways of treating ovarian and thyroid cancer through improved delivery of existing chemotherapy drugs.

The need

Ovarian cancer is a devastating disease. This year, 1580 Australian women will receive a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Once diagnosed and treatment begins, these women will have a 44% chance of surviving 5 years. The biggest problem with ovarian cancer is its late diagnosis. For 62% of women, the cancer has already spread (metastasised) to other organs of the body at the time of diagnosis, making treatment more problematic.

Thyroid cancer is a disease on the rise. It is the cancer with the fastest growing number of new cases. Thyroid cancer is the second most common cancer for women aged 15-24 years of age. Thyroid cancer may also spread to other organs in the body, such as the lymph nodes, lungs, bones and brain. 

New diagnostic and treatment approaches are urgently needed.

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