Brain tumours are the second most frequent cancer diagnosed in children yet very little is known about the risk factors associated with their occurrence or what events are necessary for their progression.

The aim of the research described herein is to better understand the genetic basis of this disease. This has two outcomes. One is an improved understanding of the risk factors associated with the disease and the other is knowledge about the molecular mechanisms that are behind the development of a brain tumour. If risk factors can be identified it is then potentially possible to develop avoidance strategies to reduce the risk of developing a brain tumour. More importantly knowledge about genetic factors associated with childhood brain tumours will lead to a better understanding of events associated with brain tumour growth. This knowledge is extremely valuable in developing more effective strategies for treatment without which treatment options remain static and no improvements in outcomes are possible. The overarching aim of this research is to improve health care outcomes in children diagnosed with a brain tumour.



Professor Rodney Scott, Dr Frank Alvaro, Tiffany-Jane Evans, Elizabeth Milne, Bruce Armstrong, Professor John Attia, Elizabeth Holliday 

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