These items will be used jointly by the named investigators to expand current collaborative work in the areas of early child development, impact of maternal chronic illness on early child outcomes and neurodevelopmental disability.

The equipment will be used to support current projects including: Breathing for Life-Infant Development, BabyMinds, Sensory Development following Prematurity and the Alert Study for Autism. The equipment will also facilitate new collaborations between the named investigators and researchers from the Family Action Centre investigating play, temperament and parent-child interaction.

Equipment requested is as follows: child play and therapy equipment, video cameras and tripods, child-sized table and chairs, safety floor mats and audio equipment for recording parent-child interactions.
1. Audio recording equipment for parent-child interaction data collection
a. Sennheiser EW 112-P G3 Wirelss Lapel/Lavalier Microphone x 2
b. Zoom H6 6 channel portable recorder
2. Child sized wooden furniture for testing sessions (
a. Half round table x 2
b. Preschool sized chairs x 4
3. 1 x Mini-bar fridge (for storage of infant bottles/food (Bar Fridges Australia)
4. 4 x Sony video cameras and tripods for capturing infant sessions for later coding (Camera Warehouse)
5. 6 x Soft Play Safety floor and crash mats for active play sessions (Sensory Tools)
6. Soft Play bolster, barrel, step mat, incline mat, balance beam for active play sessions (Sensory Tools)
7. Suspended swing equipment for sensory play sessions (Sensory Tools) + installation + installation accessories
8. Gym balls x 3 (Sensory Tools)


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Equipment Grant
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