Children whose parents suffer a heart attack or stroke prematurely are at a particularly high risk, inheriting a predisposition to heart disease as well as their parent’s eating habits and lifestyle behaviours.

This study aims to discover whether parents are interested in dietary change after experiencing a significant adverse cardiovascular disease event, and whether improving their eating habits improves their child’s dietary intake and blood cholesterol levels. Targeting families with a parent who has recently been discharged from hospital following a cardiovascular disease or stroke event, the study will test a novel approach to assist parents to improve their own and their child’s eating habits. Parents will receive advice based on their own diets and particular cardiovascular disease risk factors and areas for improvement. A dietitian will develop specific dietary advice and participants will be asked to make changes to the whole family’s food supply. The study aims to produce evidence to support a novel cardiovascular disease prevention program for children whose parent has already experienced cardiovascular disease

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