If successful, this grant would allow me to travel to Edinburgh to deliver an oral presentation of my PhD research in men’s weight loss at the International Society for Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA) Conference.

In addition, I would have the opportunity to accompany my PhD supervisor Prof. Phil Morgan to two leading institutes in men’s health and wellbeing in the United Kingdom (UK), where we would co-present our research and meet with many of the leading researchers in our field. These three visits would also facilitate future collaborations and international translations of our successful HMRI-funded weight loss programs
for men (SHED-IT) and fathers (Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids). 

ISBNPA 2015 Conference (Edinburgh, UK, 3rd - 6th June, 2015)
Conference details: ISBNPA is considered to be the most prestigious nutrition and physical activity conference internationally. The 2015 conference will mark one of the largest ever gatherings of researchers in the field of behavioural nutrition and physical activity. The quality of speakers and presentations over this four-day conference will be of a very high standard. 

Professional development opportunities: I have been accepted to give an oral presentation of my PhD research findings at this conference. This places my research in the top 10% of abstracts submitted internationally for the conference. In addition, as my PhD research focused on the development of behavioural obesity treatments for men, attending this conference would allow me to: (i) network with leading researchers in my field, and (ii) increase my knowledge and skills in obesity treatment and prevention, which are issues of great importance to the Hunter Region. 

Institute of Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow (Glasgow, UK, 8th - 10th June, 2015)
Institute details: The researchers at this institute are world leaders in developing innovative, gender-tailored weight loss and healthy lifestyle interventions for men. For example, the Football Fans in Training (FFIT) study (1), which recruited 747 overweight male football fans in Scotland, was recently published in the Lancet and has been recognised with national and international awards for best-practice in the field of weight loss for men.
Professional development opportunities: Kate Hunt, who was the lead chief investigator of the FFIT study, has invited me to work at their centre for several days and to present a seminar to their research group. She has also offered to facilitate meetings with myself and a number of her colleagues during my trip. This would be a rich opportunity to strengthen my international academic network and to learn from some of the best researchers in the field.

Fatherhood Institute (London, UK, 11th - 12th June, 2015)
Institute details: The Fatherhood Institute is the UK’s leading institute for policy, research, and practice relating to fostering positive father involvement. It is one of the most respected fatherhood organisations in the world. The fatherhood institute is currently preparing for an international translation of the HMRI-funded ‘Healthy Dads Healthy Kids’ (HDHK) program across London. 

Professional development opportunities: At the Fatherhood Institute I have been offered the opportunity to assist with training the local facilitators in how to implement the HDHK Program. I would also be able to present my PhD research to prominent policy makers and practitioners in the UK. Importantly, this would be a rare chance to engage in in-depth discussions with the world leaders in father-inclusive practice and advocacy to inform my research and practice.

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