This is a versatile, automated platform for quantification and quality control of DNA, RNA and proteins. It can process up to 16 samples in less than two minutes. This instrument does not require cleaning action so there are no chances of contamination from remnants of RNA from the previous sample. Once loaded the sample remains saved up to two hours as there is no evaporation loss. This machine provides the option for flexible input & multi-sample read. The analysis is automatic and a digital report is generated which can be exported to a USB. 

Another major advantage of this instrument is that for the detection of nucleic acids it uses an algorithm which allows easy differentiation between DNA, RNA and other contaminants. The conventional UV/Vis measurement relies on the absorbance at 260 nm. However, both DNA and RNA absorb this wavelength resulting in an overestimation of nucleic acid concentration. Another classic method of nucleic acid quantification uses fluorescent dyes. However, this method is unable to provide information about the level of contaminants in the sample, thus, the sample quality cannot be assessed by this method. QIAxpert takes advantage of both these methods and provides true insight into the sample composition. Moreover, this instrument contains a wide range of pre-installed methods which can measure protein concentration via absorbance or colorimetric assay, monitor bacterial growth, display results on a smart device via QR code, can calibrate by itself and can generate the results in many export formats which can be used in different experimental settings.



Dr Pradeep Tanwar, Manish Kumar, Muhammad Fairuz Jamaluddin

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Equipment Grant
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