Gomeroi gaaynggal (GG) a research and ArtsHealth program based in Tamworth & Walgett, is working to improve the health outcomes for Aboriginal women and their children. In particular, 26% of their clients have evidence of underlying kidney disease.

When animals with kidney disease are pregnant, the offspring must take on the kidney function of the mother and themselves while in utero, causing damage to the kidneys of the subsequent offspring.  We wish to test the GG mothers and their infants, for renal health symptoms to detect how effectively the kidneys of the children are operating to excrete waste.

From 268 stored GG samples (collected from mothers and their infants following birth), we will test to determine if the health of the mother influences the kidney function of the infant. If renal dysfunction is detected in mothers or infants from this proposal we will ensure that each participant is referred to the appropriate specialty clinic to cater for their needs.  This will have an immediate benefit to both mother and infant and improve their future care options, as well as break this cycle of kidney disease.

Expected outcomes:

  • Testing of stored samples of mothers and infants from the GG program
  • Analysis will have a focus on renal function testing
  • Clinical referrals will be put in place for those needed
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