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Kirsten Molloy
Dr Kirsten Molloy
Non-Executive Director – HMRI (Community)

Dr Kirsten Molloy is a business leader and company director, sitting on a range of Boards of commercial and not-for-profit businesses since 2013. Her executive career included being a CEO of a complex member based construct in a major industry, and executive roles in a large global corporate organisation.

Kirsten is a highly commercial, technology focussed strategist, who enjoys working to improve and transform businesses. A passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, she has supported many initiatives, including creating of mentoring scholarships and programs supporting women and other under-represented groups in leadership. Kirsten has a love of learning, with an MBA, PhD and an honours degree in Science and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

Kirsten brings a regional lens, a passion for improving outcomes for people, and a belief in engaged, connected and authentic leadership. She places material importance on creating great workplace cultures, transforming organisations and embracing innovation and new technology to deliver to the needs of customers and the community.

Other current directorships in public and significant companies and institutions
Hunter H20
RDA Hunter

Service as a director
Appointed to HMRI Board 9 June 2016

Special responsibilities
Board Development Committee


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Kirsten Molloy
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