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Professor John Attia

Professor John Attia

Professor John Attia is co-director of HMRI’s CReDITSS (Clinical Research Design, IT, and Statistical Support) Unit, providing epidemiological, methodological and analysis services to a wide range of biomedical researchers.

As a member of HMRI’s Information Based Medicine and Public Health programs, he has personally developed high-level, multidisciplinary collaborations with renowned researchers within Australia and around the world.

More than $12.4 million in funding has flowed from Professor Attia’s self-initiated and collaborative grant applications and he has published well over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, garnering 2234 citations.

In the past year alone, Professor Attia has published almost one publication per week. Five of the most recent articles appeared in the prestigious international journal Nature Genetics.

Professor Attia’s management and networking abilities have come to the fore in his role as Chief Investigator for the Hunter Community Study, a cohort of over 3,000 men and women aged 55-85 years. Despite limited funding, this valuable research resource has yielded over 30 papers during the past two years, particularly in the areas of genetics and ageing.

Canadian born, Professor Attia trained in clinical medicine at Ontaria’s McMaster University. He also obtained a BSc in Physiology, a MSc in Epidemiology, and a five-year MRC scholarship to complete his PhD in Molecular Genetics (Toronto).

Since arriving in Australia in 1999, Professor Attia has supervised or co-supervised 17 PhD students and six Master’s students in Public Health. He also designed, developed and obtained funding for the advanced training program in General Medicine at John Hunter Hospital, the first formal program of its kind in the NSW.

He remains the academic director of this program, training future general physicians, in addition to his researching work.

He became Professor of Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology in 2006 and has been listed on the NHMRC register of Evidence-Based Medicine experts.

In 2012, Professor Attia jointly co-ordinated the International Stroke Genetics conference held in Newcastle and was a key speaker among the worlds’ best researchers in stroke and genetics.

Professor Attia is employed by Hunter New England Local Health District and the University of Newcastle.

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