A major achievement for MHF came with the announcement in February 2016 for the funding of the first ever Brain Cancer Care Coordinator position placed at John Hunter Hospital.

The Mark Hughes Foundation Brain Cancer Coordinator is a pilot research project aimed at addressing the needs of brain cancer patients during and after their treatments, facilitating coordination of support services and linking patients with current research projects and clinical trials.  The project’s long term aim is to prove the validity of this position across local health districts.

Nurse, Jane Morison, a neurosurgical case manager will work in the new role to provide a vital link between health staff, patients and medical researchers.

Ms Morison will help explain the medical information being provided by surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and Allied Health staff to help patients work through their options.

Both the Brain Cancer Care Co-ordinator and Biobank representative hand out MHF Packs to patients.

Our Brain Cancer Care co-ordinator hands out the packs to all patients whom she has had contact with.  The packs are designed so that patients can collect all the information they receive in regard to their treatment in one handy location and include a calendar, MHF beanie, pen and a handy magnet to place on the fridge with contact details for the Brain Cancer Care Coordinator for those times when advise or support is required.

MHF have received fantastic and heart-warming praise of Jane and the Brain Cancer Care Coordinator role.