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Partner with HMRI's Marketing and Communications Team

With decades of combined experience, we know how to make you and your research stand out.

Our tailored marketing campaigns are created by strategic thinkers, digital media masters and top-notch communications and event planners.

You can request marketing and communications support here


How we can help

Our team’s core purpose is to provide valued, strategic marketing communications support to internal partners and raise HMRI brand awareness via engaging marketing campaigns, communications, content, and events. 

To make sure we keep on track with our purpose we’ve aligned our activities to key priorities. 

Every research program will be supported by our team’s services. The level of support will be aligned with this classification 

To help us determine the priority rating, we’ll ask you these questions: 

  • Does it support your Research Program's business plan? 

  • Is it endorsed by your research program’s team leader? 

  • Is it HMRI brand aligned? 

  • Is there enough time to complete the request? 

Our Partnership Philosophy

You’ll often hear our team ask things like “What are your goals?” or “What problem are you trying to solve?”. We like to kick off conversations like this so we can gather information, draw insights and context, and extract the strategy that will help shape your work..

Our partnership philosophy tools:

  • Request marketing and communications support using this form 

  • Explore our Style Guide and Templates for self-service 

  • Utilise HMRI Canva for your creative needs. 

  • A dedicated partnership account manager. 

  • Regular work-in-progress meetings. 

  • Opportunities for regular feedback. 

An example of how we can help

Scenario: Frances filled in the online support request form and the HMRI Marketing and Communications Team met up with her to talk it through. 
We discussed what the research program was about, what she was trying to achieve, and which people she was trying to reach.  After our meeting, we reported back with recommendations that went on to: 

  • Help her improve the reach on her social posts, 
  • Got her on the radio to talk about the study
  • Speak at a community seminar
  • Get an article published on the ABC website 
  • Print a flyer she could leave at the local library, 
  • Create an ad that went into the local Probus club's newsletter, 
  • Create a photo shoot
  • Make a little video  
  • Pop it into the internal Connect newsletter  
  • Put it into the online and printed donor newsletters, and 
  • Publish a bigger article on the HMRI website. 

It's always best you make contact with the HMRI Marketing and Communications team prior to submitting your study to research governance and ethics, so we can ensure our recommendations and any marketing collateral produced can be approved.

Our services
  • Marketing and communications campaign strategy, planning and development
  • Media advice and liaison
  • Public relations and profile building
  • Copywriting
  • Study and clinical trial recruitment promotion
  • Event planning and logistical support
  • Content creation - photography, videography
  • Internal communication and promotion
  • Branding
  • Advertising support
  • Research promotion and publicity
How to request support

1. Log your marketing and communications request here

2. A member of the HMRI Marketing and Communications team will get in contact with you

3. The team will get to work on processing your request.

Lead times


Timelines (in business days) 

Marketing and communications campaign strategy, planning and development

    Five days to 15 days 


    Five days to ten days 

Digital and traditional advertising campaigns 

    Five days to 15 days 

Event planning and logistical support

    Five days to 15 days 

Internal communication and promotion

    Up to five days 

Media advice and liaison

    24 to 48 hours 

Public relations and profile building

    Up to five days  

Study and clinical trial recruitment promotion

    48 hours to ten days

Content creation - Video production and photography

    Up to 15 days   

Articles, stories etc

    Up to five days 

Website content update

    24 to 48 hours 

Branding     Five to 15 days
Advertising support     Five to 10 days

How long will it take for you to complete my request?
The HMRI Marketing and Communications team aim to make contact with you within 1-2 business days to verify your request. Please see above for examples of lead times.

What if you can't meet my request?
If your request requires more specialised assistance (i.e a website developer or build a website), the HMRI Marketing and Communications team will put you in contact with an external 3rd party solution.


Mike Collins

Head of Marketing and Communications
Carol Duncan | HMRI

Carol Duncan

Public Engagement Lead

Michael Newton

Brand and Content Specialist

Natalie Edwick

Digital Marketing Specialist
Tracy McKelligott

Tracy McKelligott

Media and PR Specialist

Emma Castle

Media, PR and Content Specialist
Indiana Tape

Indiana Tape

Marketing and Communications Strategy Specialist
Ethan Hamilton

Ethan Hamilton

Marketing Specialist

Shay Davies

Events Specialist