All’s ‘Well’ as HMRI Art Series is unveiled

May 15 2013

The 2013 HMRI Art Series was proudly unveiled this morning at a supporter breakfast in the HMRI Building.

Created by Newcastle artist Rod Bathgate, the work titled “WELL” was inspired by internationally recognised epidemiologist Professor John Attia, the current Sparke Helmore NBN Triathlon Festival Researcher of the Year.

Professor Attia crosses the boundaries between asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental health, public health, stroke and other areas of health research. The variety is reflected in the artwork, as Rod Bathgate explains:

“The artwork represents a maze – the puzzle of data and flow of information to find your way through. In the upper third of the image is the word ‘WELL’ spelled in the water .

“The use of this word is a play on words, as WELL has many meanings. All meanings lead to a source the same way the ‘canals’ all lead through the maze to the WELL and flow both ways.

“WELL! as an exclamation has a sense of inquiring surprise, the way one would with something unexpected.

“Finally WELL ultimately means good health as an outcome of a combination of patient history input and the diligent research and communication of the results – the outcome being to develop the best language for patients’ treatment, cures and well-being.”

The 2013 HMRI Art Series is supported by Chris and Shirley Piggott, Rod Bathgate, Classic Framing and Memorabilia, and NCP.