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Asthma vollies wanted for vaccine trial

Jun 22 2017

Conducted by HMRI researchers from John Hunter Hospital and the University of Newcastle, the Prevenar study is testing whether the pneumonia vaccine can reduce airway inflammation and improve daily asthma symptoms.

Study leaders Professor Peter Gibson and Professor Phil Hansbro are exploring whether the pneumococcal vaccine has a beneficial effect on asthma outcomes.

The study will compare two pneumococcal vaccines – Prevenar13 and Pneumovax23 to see whether the administration of Prevenar can reduce airway inflammation as well as whether it improves daily symptoms.

To participate in the study, the researchers are looking for people over the age of 18 who have a diagnosis of asthma. They will be required to attend the Respiratory Department Clinical Trial Centre at the HMRI Building.

The study will require five visits over the course of the year. Participants won’t need to stop their daily medication and their asthma will be closely monitored.

To find out more, contact Catherine Delahunty on Catherine.Delahunty@newcastle.edu.au or phone (02) 4042 0135.