Borne HMRI Fellowship Appointed for Preterm Birth Research

May 14 2021

Borne HMRI is a science collaboration between Borne UK and HMRI that aims to significantly reduce the prevalence of preterm birth through medical research.

Borne HMRI raises vital funds to enable Australian researchers to collaborate with the global village of leading medical researchers participating in the Borne Scientific Collaboration to conduct life-changing medication research projects which will provide the solutions to change the outcomes of pre-term birth.

Early-career researchers are the driving force behind successful advances in science and technology. Thanks to the generosity of supporters, Borne HMRI has announced the appointment of the first Borne HMRI Early-Career Fellowship - Carol Wang.

Carol is a bioinformatician who will work across all elements of pre-term birth research within the Mothers and Babies Research Centre at HMRI. Bioinformaticians use biology, computer science, information engineering, mathematics and statistics to analyse and interpret biological data.

Borne Uk/HMRI are working together to collect a unique set of human tissue samples from women before and after the onset of labour. With Carol's expertise, researchers plan to integrate the data from these samples with those available in national and international data sets.

Carol's work will focus on comparing the genes and proteins in uterine tissue obtained at the time of Caesarean section from women experiencing pre-term and term birth to develop effective new treatments as well as looking at biomarkers in the blood of pregnant women to identify those at risk of pre-term birth who currently receive no treatment until it is too late.

Watch the video above to learn more.

Every child deserves the chance to a full and healthy life.

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