BorneHMRI's Dean Mumm leading Costa Rica expedition for preterm birth research

Oct 11 2022

BorneHMRI co-founder Dean Mumm is leading an Australian expedition on a tough, 9-day, 275km challenge crossing Costa Rica on foot, bike, kayak and raft to raise funds for vital preterm birth research.

Ahead of the fundraising challenge, former Wallabies captain, Dean Mumm spoke with ABC Newcastle about BorneHMRI, what inspired him and the team to take on this fundraising challenge, and how medical research is helping more babies to be born full term and healthy.

"We work with the amazing scientists and researchers at HMRI. We want to try and bring the world's best researchers together to help solve this problem." – Dean Mumm

Team BorneHMRI is donating all fundraising proceeds from the Costa Rica COAST2COAST challenge to preterm birth research at the Hunter Medical Research Institute. If you would like to support, you can make a contribution here.


    Guest: Dean Mumm
    Program: ABC Newcastle