Can diets containing gluten and FODMAP's trigger symptoms of functional dyspepsia?

Apr 29 2022

Functional dyspepsia (chronic indigestion) is experienced by 1 in 10 Australians and is characterised by troublesome gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms of pain in the upper part of the abdomen or an inability to finish a regular-sized meal.
There is as yet no cure for this condition and current treatments are generally not effective for the majority of people with functional dyspepsia.
Researchers at HMRI and The University of Newcastle are currently investigating potential causes of function dyspepsia, particularly the role that diet plays. Gluten (even if you don’t have coeliac disease) and FODMAPS (certain carbohydrates in your diet) may play a role. Finding out if certain foods are related may change the way that this disorder is currently treated.

Digestive health researchers Dr Kerith Duncanson, Jennifer Pryor and Dr Grace Burns get to the guts of this matter at HMRI's recent Upper Gut Community Seminar. Watch it via the video recording above.

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