Celebrating the art of science at the 2023 HMRI Through the Lens exhibition

Nov 28 2023

Five HMRI and University of Newcastle researchers were honoured at the opening night of the Through the Lens scientific photography prize.

Dr Jason Girkin took out first prize for his photograph titled ‘Nosey Wasowski’ depicting a coronavirus replicating in the nasal respiratory epithelium. He won a $400 gift voucher.

Associate Professor Paul Tooney was the runner-up with his photography titled ‘The field of flowers lining the colon’. He won a $200 gift voucher.

Megan Clarke came third with her photograph titled ‘Crystals you cannot see’. She won a $100 gift voucher.

L - R -  ‘Nosey Wasowski’ by Dr Jason Girkin,  ‘The field of flowers lining the colon’ by Associate Professor Paul Tooney and ‘Crystals you cannot see’ by Megan Clarke.

Alexandra Peters and Ayesha Ali received Highly Commended with their photographs of four individual fluorescently stained eggs cells and a highly differentiated rare cell type of intestinal epithelium.

Through the Lens will be on display at University Gallery on 23 November and will move to Senta Taft Hendry Museum until 12 December 2023 located at University Drive, Callaghan NSW. Visitors to the exhibition can vote in the People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice winner will receive a $50 gift voucher.

L - R 'Cells of Intestinal Epithelium' by Ayesha Ali, 'Speckled Eggs' by Alexandra Peters and 'Electron tree in beam direction' by Professor Joerg Lehmann