Could COVID-19 change your transport habits for ever?

Jul 14 2020

If there's one good thing to come out of this pandemic, it's a global move to make our cities more cycle and pedestrian friendly. Even Newcastle! For a city that's traditionally been reliant on cars, it's been delightful to see so many bikes and walkers taking advantage of Newcastle's relatively flat, open spaces.

But what else needs to be done to make a city safer and more accessible for cyclists and walkers? That's what HMRI researcher Matthew "Tepi" McLaughlin is passionate about. He's bringing the annual Walking and Cycling Conference to Newcastle in October, and has been a vocal advocate for dedicated cycling lanes, wide walking spaces and reducing speed limits in certain areas to improve the safety for cycling and walking.

Cities around the world have taken advantage of lockdowns to replace parking spaces with dedicated cycling lanes, and Tepi and his colleagues have been working with local councils to call for funding to support designated infrastructure that will make our cities smarter and healthier.

Matthew spoke to ABC Newcastle's Kia Handly - learn more here