COVID Q&A: Managing our diet and nutrition during lockdowns

Aug 23 2021

With many of us in NSW and beyond experiencing lockdown restrictions at the moment, maintaining good nutrition and eating habits is important during these periods where our routines can be disrupted.
Spending more time at home and boredom can lead to increased snacking and alcohol intake, while restricted movements can limit our opportunities to go to the shops and purchase food for our families, leading to the need to be more planned and prepared.

Laureate Professor Clare Collins, Australia's most successful dietitian researcher and senior HMRI researcher addresses some of these issues in our latest COVID Q&A video.

  • How can we plan our meals more effectively to minimise our trips to the shops? (0.50)
  • With us staying inside more, should we be worried about vitamin D deficiency? (4.18)
  • How can we minimise our amount of snacking during lockdown? (7.10)
  • Are there any foods that can boost our immune system and prevent us from catching viruses? (12.50)
  • What are some of the benefits of cooking at home on our health? (17.37)
  • Tips for people who find they are drinking more alcohol during lockdown? (21.46)

Watch the video above to find out the answers to these questions!