COVID Q&A: Managing our mental health during COVID lockdown.

Sep 9 2021

Mental health is obviously a big concern during the current COVID-19 lockdowns. We spoke with Dr Jaelea Skehan OAM, a registered psychologist, researcher and Director at Everymind for some advice on managing our mental health during these times.

Dr Skehan addresses the following questions:

- What can I do for self-care in lockdown when I don't have access to the usual services I am used to? (0.48)

- I'm worried about a family member who is not coping well due to the lockdown. What can I do to help them? (4.15)

- I'm feeling very stressed working from home, homeschooling and looking after a baby, what can I do? (9.21)

- I'm feeling anxious about the COVID-19 situation and what it means for the future. How can I manage this? (14.11)

- My loved ones have opposing opinions on things such as vaccinations and lockdown. What can I do to protect these relationships? (17.50)

- I'm feeling bullied about the decisions I've made to do with my health, for example, be vaccinated. How can I manage this situation? (21.03)