Heart Health - from prevention to treatment

Mar 5 2021

Your heart is the power source of your body, the generator - without it, nothing works!
Watch our heart health virtual community seminar!

Showing your heart some tender loving care is central to overall good health and to keep your body working at optimum levels.

You are never too young or too old to take care of your heart so join us for a virtual community seminar for a heart-to-heart with some of HMRI's leading cardiovascular health researchers including Associate Professor Narelle EatherProfessor Andrew Boyle, and Associate Professor Aaron Sverdlov.

From prevention to treatment, learn how you can look after your heart and what the research is telling us:

  • Learn about how physical activities and fitness levels can impact positively on heart health;
  • Types of physical activity that are great for cardiovascular health;
  • Research supported by HMRI to promote cardiovascular health in children and adults;
  • The science behind the heart and how the heart can be regenerated following heart attacks and with advancing age;
  • What research is being done to help prevent cancer survivors from getting heart disease, a common factor affecting 1/3 of cancer survivors.