Help researchers improve bowel cancer healthcare by answering a few questions

Aug 3 2009

Bowel cancer is common in Australia and deaths due to this disease can be reduced through early detection by appropriate screening. People with bowel cancer and their first degree relatives (parents, siblings and children) do not always receive screening for bowel cancer and follow up care in line with current health recommendations.

Because of this, Rob Sanon-Fisher and his team at the University of Newcastle are conducting a study to improve healthcare for people with bowel cancer and their families via a series of surveys.

To ensure these materials are easy to understand, acceptable and relevant to participants, researchers are seeking help from people who have had bowel cancer to refine the surveys and to obtain their feedback.

Participant Tasks:

Participants will be sent an information pack to help them prepare for the survey. They will then complete a telephone interview and answer questions about screening / surveillance tests that have they may have undertaken in the previous 12 months, and questions about their family history of bowel cancer.

Participant Criteria:

People over 18 years who have had bowel cancer and their support person can participate.