HMRI wins $73K equipment grant from Ramaciotti

Oct 21 2011

The Ramaciotti Foundations has awarded the Hunter Medical Research Institute a $73,394 equipment grant to provide technology to assist cancer researchers in the development of new anti-cancer drugs, ensuring the best outcomes for patients.

The Ramaciotti Foundations awarded Establishment & Equipment Grants of over $1.6 million to 22 recipients at the annual awards evening in Melbourne on Wednesday night.

The equipment will support a research team led by Dr Rick Thorne aimed at development of new cancer treatment strategies, analysing signalling pathways in cancer cells.

The equipment grant to purchase a High-Resolution Isoelectric Phosphoprotien Signalling System (a NanoPro instrument) will support the HMRI Cancer Program’s drug discovery studies.

HMRI has matched the funding received from the Ramaciotti Equipment Grant, to further assist the research team.

Collectively, the Ramaciotti Foundations are one of the largest private contributors to biomedical research in Australia, having granted more than $51 million to research projects since 1970.

Andrew Thomas, General Manager, Philanthropy, Perpetual said “The Ramaciotti Foundations Establishment Grants support emerging researchers early in their career, often enabling them to buy equipment or start a project that can be critical to the future success of their research. The Equipment Grants go towards the purchase of a major piece of equipment to allow researchers to move forward in their specialties.

“As a private contributor to biomedical research, the Ramaciotti Foundations have the ability to support early stage or ‘out of the box’ research that may not attract mainstream funding. In doing so, they play a critical role in the advancement of biomedical science in Australia.”

Mr Thomas said forward-thinking philanthropist Vera Ramaciotti made a significant and lasting contribution to the Australian scientific community through her decision to create a charitable trust over 40 years ago. Since then, the Foundations have provided scientists with necessary funds for ground-breaking and cutting-edge medical research.

On Wednesday night the Ramaciotti Foundations granted over $2.6 million to biomedical research in Australia, the largest distribution in their history, including the prestigious Ramaciotti Biomedical Research Award of $1 million.