HMRI's mobile poo palace coming to a place near you!

Mar 11 2022

HMRI's mobile poo palace coming to a place near you!

HMRI is excited to announce we are one of 35 successful recipients of a 2022 National Science Week Grant from the Australian Government. The grant will support the design and construction of The Mobile Poo Palace – An inside look at the digestive system. The “Poo Palace” will consist of a giant inflatable digestive system that will enable children (or adults!) to learn about gut health in a fun and engaging way.

In past years HMRI has opened our facilities to the community for our popular open days. These days included many activities to educate children about science and medical research at HMRI. By far, the most popular activity at our open days was the digestive health teams 'poo palace,' an interactive journey where children could learn about gut health and perform simple experiments.

Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19, HMRI has been unable to commit to having large groups in our building for the last few years. With the support of the National Science Week grant, we will be developing a large transportable and inflatable version of the "poo palace" to bring the fun to the community.

Stay tuned for more information about the inflatable Poo Palace as we head towards National Science Week 2022 in August.

Announcement on National Science Week website

Media release from The Hon. Melissa Price MP, Minister for Science and Technology