International asthma heavyweights meet at HMRI

Oct 24 2013

Researchers and clinicians from around the world met last month to discuss the future of Asthma and COPD research.

Held at HMRI,The 2013 NAMe Asthma Meeting brought together a vast group of researchers to work towards more effective treatments for Asthma and COPD.“The ultimate goal is to develop the best management strategies and to identify, develop and test novel and effective treatments and cures for asthma, COPD and other airway diseases,” University of Newcastle researcher, Professor Phil Hansbro said.

“The meeting was designed to highlight areas of importance in asthma, COPD and airways research and to develop new and strengthen ongoing international and national collaborations in this area.”

A number of international respiratory specialists presented their research findings including Professor Ian Adcock, Chair of Call and Molecular Biology at the National Heart and Lung Institute in London.

Professor Adcock, an internationally recognised scientist in the field of airways disease and epigenetics, presented his research on investigating steroid insensitivity in severe asthma and COPD.

Professor Matthew Peters, President of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand also presented his novel study on the effect of smoking on asthma control.

“These researchers are the international leaders in understanding how asthma and COPD develop,” Professor Hansbro said.

“They are leading the way in developing new treatment and therapies in these disease areas and hopefully to finding a cure.”