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Meet the Winner of HMRI Through the Lens 2010!

May 29 2010

Hidden dangers of the beach

HMRI’s popular photographic exhibition is back, and now you can vote for your favourite image!

HMRI Through The Lens 2010 includes photographs and photomedia works captured through the lenses of microscopes, cameras and scientific equipment.

The winning image was submitted by University of Newcastle researchers, Dr Nikola Bowden and Dr Katie Ashton, and Ricardo Vilain from the Hunter Area Pathlogy Service.

Hidden dangers of the beach (pictured below) shows irreversible damage to the deep layers of skin caused by excessive sun exposure.

The image resembles an aerial shot of waves lapping at the beach with rows of people (the cells) laying along the sand sunbaking. The number of melanocytes in the middle layer of cells roughly represents the proportion of people that will develop melanoma from excessive sun exposure – the focus of the group’s research.

Now, the community can see all the incredible images in this year’s exhibition and vote for their favourite in the ‘People’s Choice Award’.
HMRI Through the Lens will be on display at Wallsend District Library (Bunn Street, Wallsend) until June 29.