New clinical trials centre helping asthma sufferers

Nov 7 2012

Asthma Trials

Adults with asthma are invited to take part in a Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) trial investigating how dietary factors impact on asthma symptoms and response to medication.

Researchers will examine the relationship between medications for asthma treatment, dietary intake, appetite, bone density and body composition.

Study participants will have their asthma comprehensively reviewed and their diet will be analysed by a qualified dietician.

The trial will be conducted in the new Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) in the HMRI Building. UniversityofNewcastle researcher Professor Peter Gibson recognises the value that the new Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) at HMRI holds for the Hunter.

“In the new HMRI Building we now have a world-class facility for testing asthma. This offers great opportunities for researchers and for people with asthma in our region,” Professor Gibson said.

“Those who take part in the study will be among the first to take advantage of the unprecedented new research facilities offered in the CTC.”

Complete with a cough challenge clinic, advanced lung function testing equipment, expired nitric oxide clinic, nutrition lab and pharmacy, the CTC allows researchers to work in the forefront of medical technology, to test and track new outcomes and provide both flexible and specialised care for volunteers.

“Right now we are looking at how a commonly used asthma treatment affects appetite, dietary intake, body weight and bone density. We are also investigating the benefits of anti-inflammatory treatment for asthma,” Professor Gibson said.

“The new facility at HMRI not only offers a way of testing new treatments but it also presents researchers with a way to assess many different aspects of asthma, including lung function, lung volume, inflammation, and related conditions such as problems with the nose and other diseases.”

Asthma sufferers who are interested in participating in this study can contact the HMRI Respiratory Research Department on (02) 4042 0116.

*Professor Gibson is a Hunter New England Health respiratory specialist,  Co-Director of the University’s Priority Research Centre for Asthma and Respiratory Disease, and works in collaboration with the HMRI Viruses, Infections/Immunity, Vaccines and Asthma (VIVA) Program. HMRI is a partnership between the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Health and the community.