Nutrition and bolstering your health during the coronavirus pandemic

Apr 14 2020

Professor Clare Collins, leading dietitian and HMRI researcher offers advice, tips and a simple shopping list of ingredients to bolster your nutrition at this challenging time.

Nutrition is something positive that we can focus on and with more time at home, perhaps we can practice and develop our cooking skills with some of the nutritious recipes she and her team have created.

Like everything, food hygiene starts with washing your hands and ensuring that your kitchen benches are clean before you start.

We know that people who are malnourished have immune systems that don’t operate the way they could be.

The key nutrients we need are vitamins, A, B, C, D, E and minerals iron, zinc and selenium. And we can get all of these through our food. Eating a wide range of healthy foods is the best way to support healthy immune function.

We’re being asked to stay home as much as possible, so that means not going to the supermarket every day. If you plan, rather than panic buy, there’ll be enough for everyone. Download the shopping list she’s created as your guide.

Go to the No Money No Time website for tips, recipes and a more information on how to maintain a healthy diet. Clare and her team will be updating the website regularly, with safe and sensible advice on good nutrition.