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Resistance Training Proves Terrific for Teens

Oct 22 2015

Take two proven physical activity interventions – ATLAS for boys and NEAT for girls – and blend them together to get the ultimate “Resistance Training for Teens” program.

University of Newcastle/HMRI researchers have run the first 10-week trial at Merewether High School and it was enthusiastically embraced by students and teachers alike.

“It’s about taking exercise out of the gym,” project leader Professor David Lubans said. “We’ve created a program that incorporates bodyweight and gymstick activities and uses the natural environment that young people live in. It can be delivered in any setting around the world.”

Ross Morrison from the Department of Education’s School Sports Unit is now looking to roll the program out statewide. “The evidence-based research coming from this program will ensure that students can learn about, and participate in, resistance training with the correct techniques,” he said.

* HMRI is a partnership between the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Health and the Community.