Using education to repair the despair in Indigenous communities

Sep 20 2013

During a visit to a remote outstation in the Kimberley region, HMRI’s Mothers and Babies research program leader Professor Roger Smith was confronted by a burgeoning suicide problem within the local community.

An Aboriginal elder pleaded to know, “How do I stop the young men killing themselves?”. A tragic problem, a terrible stigma, and a heart-wrenching question …

Roger paused before replying, “Educate them”.

Boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds, who grow up not knowing how to do anything, who are bored and unstimulated, will often spiral into a chasm of mental despair and physical disrepair. Suicide is seen as a way of drawing attention to their plight.

HMRI’s research program E2EEE (Enrich 2 Engage, Educate & Empower) will provide disadvantaged kids, including those in Indigenous communities, with the cultural foundation to enjoy good health and wellbeing for the many years to come.

You can help simply by voting in the Eftpos Giveback, with up to $2million going to a worthy cause. Please make sure that you highlight “Disadvantaged kids, families and communities”.