Your COVID-19 Questions Answered

Jul 8 2021

Lots of curiosity and questions surround COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines.
So what's fact and what is fiction. We put the call out on our social media channels for your COVID questions and had them answered by some of our leading experts in this space.

How many people have really died because of COVID vaccinations?
Should you get the Astrazeneca vaccine if you are under 40?
How does the COVID19 vaccine impact people with allergies?
Is the COVID19 vaccine considered experimental?

Watch the video to find out the answers to these questions and more!

Distinguished Laureate Professor Nick Talley - Gastroenterologist, epidemiologist, and Editor in Chief of the Medical Journal of Australia
Professor Peter Wark - Senior Staff Specialist in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at Hunter New England Health's John Hunter Hospital
Associate Professor Nathan Bartlett - Virologist and Head of Viral Immunology and Respiratory Disease research group at HMRI and The University of Newcastle.