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Guy Cameron
October 6, 2022

It’s the people that make HMRI what it is. They’re more than their work, so we want to shine the spotlight on the Humans of HMRI.

Dr Cameron’s natural inclination to question everything meant school was stifling for him.

Finding the Pain Switch: A HMRI Community Seminar on Chronic Pain
September 28, 2022

On Wednesday 28th September, the HMRI Brain Neuromodulation Research Program hosted a public community seminar on chronic pain. 

Prostate Cancer Diagram
September 25, 2022

Professor Hubert Hondermarck and his research team are identifying the key difference between aggressive prostate cancer tumours and less aggressive, indolent ones, so that the treatment can be dialled up or down accordingly.

Illustration of sperm
September 22, 2022

With 15% of Australian couples seeking IVF treatment to conceive and the overall quality of sperm in decline globally, researchers from the Infertility and Reproduction Research Program have unearthed a connection between lipid peroxidation that occurs in both poor sperm health and in other diseases.

Bayley Matthews and Nikola Bowden walking along HMRI building bridge
September 21, 2022

Drug repurposing involves investigating new uses for approved drugs that could be used to treat other conditions in a timely, costly and hugely impactful way. Professor Nikola Bowden and Jill Emberson PhD Scholarship Winner, Bayley Matthews, spoke with ABC Newcastle about their research into repurposing drugs to find a treatment for ovarian cancer. 

New $12m program rolling out regional diabetes care
September 19, 2022

The Hunter Medical Research Institute and partners are improving access to diabetes care in rural and regional areas. The five-year program, worth $12.4m, will see the creation of a ‘medibus’, equipped to be a clinic on wheels, to bring diabetes care to vulnerable communities across the health district. This builds on the existing work of the Diabetes Alliance Program (DAP).

Associate Professor Tracy Dudding-Byth
September 16, 2022

Associate Professor Tracy Dudding-Byth, who is leading research into NF (Neurofibromatosis) at the Hunter Medical Research Institute, speaks with ABC Newcastle about how NF can affect people's lives and what research is being done to better understand why some people develop the condition more severely.  

Hand with monkeypox rash
September 12, 2022

Some 124 cases of monkeypox have been identified in Australia since May 2022. HMRI researcher and infectious disease expert Professor Josh Davis believes monkeypox is not in the same ballpark as COVID-19 but it’s good to be cautious. 

Man exercising outside
September 9, 2022

Dr. Kirsten Coupland specialises in understanding what happens after ischaemic strokes and the role of cerebrospinal fluid in the after-effects of stroke.

R U OK? Logo
September 8, 2022

On R U OK? Day, Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin speaks with ABC Newcastle about how we can have powerful, meaningful conversations with those around us who may be struggling with life.