Adults with asthma are needed to help researchers examine the effects of a soluble fibre supplement on asthma control and airway inflammation.

This project focuses on the benefits of eating fibre for people who have asthma. Our previous study showed that a fibre supplement was able to improve gut health and this was linked to improvements in asthma control, which means a decrease in asthma symptoms.  Now that we know fibre can be beneficial in asthma, we are doing another research study to find out the most effective dose of fibre.. By understanding the best dose and time to take the supplement,  we will be able to develop this natural therapy into a recommended asthma treatment.

What does this study involve?

This study is a clinical trial which takes place over 16 weeks, with a screening visit then fortnightly visits to the HMRI clinic. The study involves alternating periods of taking a fibre supplement twice daily for 2 weeks and 2 week break periods where you won’t be taking any supplements. Your asthma will be assessed at HMRI at each study visit.

Who can participate?

The study is open to non-smoking adults with asthma, unless pregnant or breastfeeding.

More Information

For more information about what is involved, click here to download the participant information statement

Register your interest

To find out more or to register your interest please contact:

Dr Bronwyn Berthon

T: +61 2 40420116