Cope Study

COPE: The ‘Choose your Own Parenting Experience’ Study

Being a new parent can be difficult. Psychoeducation has been shown to significantly benefit parents in the transition to parenthood. The purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of game-based learning using an interactive m-health game. M-health is the use of mobile phones in health-based communication and games. The ‘Choose Your Own Parenting Experience’ is a fun, interactive, game-based experience modelled on the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ format designed to be played on your mobile phone. It is designed to equip parents with parenting tips and knowledge to help them on their parenting journey. 

This study is being conducted by Dr Linda Campbell, Ms Jaime Wroe and Ms Miranda Cashin from the University of Newcastle.

Who can participate?

New parents can participate in the study, if they:

  • Have access to the internet on a mobile phone
  • Have a typically developing infant aged 1 to 13 months
  • Are over 18 years

Register your interest

If you are interested in participating in the study or have any questions, please contact Miranda Cashin ( or 0405 731 234) or Jaime Wroe ( or 0450 569 002).

Click here to download Participant Information Statement