What are the aims of this study?

We aim to see if a nutritional supplement (resveratrol) can prevent menstrual migraine as well as improve blood vessel function in the brain.  

Who can participate in the research?

Researchers are seeking: Women who have suffered from migraines lasting for at least 4 hours just before or during their period in their last three menstrual cycles 

This study is suitable for you if you:

• Are female and aged between 18 and 50 years

• Are pre-menopausal (<6 months since cessation of period)

• Have regular periods  

• Understand the procedures involved and agree to participate in the study by giving full informed consent

• Are willing to fast for one hour and avoid stimulants for two hours before your clinic visit

• Are willing to provide blood samples at your clinic visit 

What is involved?

Eligible participants will take two supplement capsules daily for six months and visit our research centre on three occasions to assess blood vessel function in the brain using ultrasound. A small blood sample will be taken at each visit. 

Register your interest

If you are interested in participating in the study or have any questions, please contact the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre
Phone: (02) 4921 8616
Email cnrc@newcastle.edu.au

Click here to download Participant Information Statement