Our People

Chris Oldmeadow
Dr Chris Oldmeadow
*Indicates a compulsory field

HMRI Leadership Team

Claire Drelincourt
Chief Operating Officer and Company Secretary
Chris Oldmeadow
Associate Director: Data Sciences
Associate Professor Penny Reeves
Associate Director Health Research Economics
Emma Konik
Executive Officer
Sam Cardwell
Head of Marketing
Dr Craig Gedye
Associate Director HMRI Clinical Trials
Dr Andrew Johnson | HMRI
Business and Commercial Development Manager
Dr Giavanna Angeli
Head of Philanthropy
Senior Executive Assistant to HMRI CEO, COO and HMRI Chair


Mandie Rodgers | HMRI
Projects Delivery Lead

Legal and Risk

Amanda Filipcevic | HMRI
Head of Legal and Risk

Grant Development

Dr Kelly Asquith | HMRI
Senior Grants Writer
Sonya Murray | HMRI
Grants Writer
Janine Curtis | HMRI
Grants Writer
Gillian Mason | HMRI
Community and Consumer Involvement Lead

Health Research Economics (HRE)

Penny Reeves
Associate Director: Health Research Economics
Michelle Gillam - HMRI
Professional Services Operations Manager
Dr Shanthi Ramanathan | HMRI
Health Research Economics Impact Assessment Specialist
Dr Anthea Bill
Senior Health Research Economist
Simon Deeming | HMRI
Health Research Economist
Health Research Economist
Melanie Rao | HMRI
Research Impact Analyst
Dr Olivia Wynne
Senior Research Officer
Felicity Robb
Health Research Economics - Research Assistant
Trainee Research Assistant

Data Sciences

Chris Oldmeadow
Associate Director: Clinical Research Design and Statistical Services
Michelle Gillam - HMRI
Professional Services Operations Manager
Dr Daniel Barker | HMRI
Senior Statistician
Lucy Leigh
Senior Statistician
Kerrin Palazzi
Senior Data Manager
Simon Chiu
Senior Statistician
Matthew Clapham
Erin Nolan
Assistant Statistician
Jason Dizon | HMRI
Assistant Statistician
Stuart Szwec | HMRI
Dr Carlos Riveros - HMRI
Health Informatician and Bioinformatician

Clinical Trials Unit

Naomi Knoblauch | HMRI
Program Manager, Clinical Trials Unit
Catherine Johnson HMRI
Clinical Trials Network Officer
Rochelle Thornton
Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator
Samantha Johnson | HMRI
Clinical Trials Assistant


Head of Marketing
Natalie Edwick
Digital Marketing Specialist
Brand and Content Specialist
Patricia Alfaro | HMRI
Events Specialist
Tamara Shardlow
Communications Specialist


Giavanna Angeli
Head of Philanthropy
Karen Baker
Senior Philanthropy Manager
Julia Berry
Direct Marketing & Bequests Manager
Libby Rodgers-McPhee
Senior Philanthropy Manager
Rebekah Wilson HMRI
Senior Philanthropy Manager
Philanthropy Administration Officer - Community
Melissa Heaford
Philanthropy Administration Officer - Business

Infrastructure & Scientific Services

Cameron Morton
Head of Infrastructure
Fiona Richards
Head of Scientific Services
Justine Barbara | HMRI
Infrastructure Services Coordinator
Steve Wallis | HMRI
Maintenance Manager
WHS Officer
Tina Levey
Finance & Infrastructure Support Officer

Finance, People & Culture

Phillip Hall | HMRI
Head of Human Resources
Tim Smith | HMRI
Head of Finance
Kathryn Skennar | HMRI
Finance Business Partner - Corporate
Sally Robertson
Funding and Analysis Lead
Trisha D’Accione
Grants Compliance Officer
Michele Biles
Finance Officer
Payroll and HR Officer

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Greg Garland - HMRI
Head of Information Technology
Matthew Richards | HMRI
Information Technology Administrator


Margaret Cremona


Angela Barwick
Café Catering Attendant & Barista
Danniell Berrigan
Café Catering Attendant & Barista
Cherie Heaney
Café Catering Attendant & Barista
Kristin Jones
Café Catering Attendant & Barista