The HMRI Marketing-Communications Team assists researchers to build the profile of their work by promoting: research outcomes, achievements, fundraising activities, volunteer/recruitment opportunities and community engagement initiatives.

Marketing & Communications Support

The HMRI Marketing-Communications Team assists researchers to build the profile of their work by promoting research outcomes, achievements, fundraising activities, volunteer/recruitment opportunities and community engagement initiatives.

The team provides marketing services to researchers and produces its own communications material. Through traditional media and communications, content production, writing, advertising, digital/social media, marketing, public seminars and events, the team helps researchers communicate effectively with the community and key stakeholders.

HMRI Marketing-Communications can also provide guidance and support for researchers who would like to undertake marketing activities themselves to promote their work.

 Media Relations

From helping with clincial trial recruitment to promoting a new research finding, HMRI’s Media Relations department is the conduit connecting researchers with mainstream media outlets and community members locally, nationally and abroad.

Specialist services include media release drafting, video production, photography and graphic design (on request). We can also assist with drafting opinion-style articles and blogs in a readership style tailored to specific audiences.

HMRI works with the respective media teams at the University of Newcastle, Hunter New England Health and the Calvary Mater Newcastle to ensure a one-stop approval process for media collateral, with a standardised template featuring the logos of all key stakeholders.

Crisis and controversy management is also managed in close liaison with the UON and HNE as applicable, with advice provided to researchers and staff.

HMRI is able to distribute media releases to a large database of journalist contacts specialising in different aspects of health reporting, or alternatively ‘pitch’ a story idea directly on behalf of the researcher.

Contact: Mark Rothfield: (02) 4042 0590 | 0487 617 055

Digital Marketing

With the growth on the digital world, the HMRI Communications Team can play a vital role in the promotion of research work, researcher profiles and recruitment of research participants. Using the HMRI website as the primary platform, the content can be constantly amended to ensure the most up-to-date information is available at all times.

All HMRI affiliated researchers are invited to contribute to the site with a researcher profile page where the aim is to not only showcase the biography of researchers, but also provide a unique insight into the passion of the researchers and why they do what they do.

The website can also provide an opportunity to promote research projects, provide information on research programs, promote research events, publish media releases, case studies and blogs as well as assist in the recruitment of participants for research studies.

The Communications Team utilise social media and search engines to drive traffic to the website and to connect with the community and key partners.

Contact Cathy Wiseman: (02) 4042 0473

Internal Marketing & Communications

The Communications Team can help connect you with the various HMRI researcher services available in the Hunter. From research project support to funding assistance, there are a wide variety of services the team can connect you with at HMRI. 

The team can also provide marketing and promotional support for research events and seminars in the Hunter. If you have a research event that you would like marketed to the wider health and medical research community please contact Ellie McNamara.

Do you receive the HMRI weekly emails? A key role of the marketing team is coordinating and communicating key research developments, opportunities and events internally to HMRI affiliated researchers and HMRI’s broader networks. 

This includes:

  • New grant and funding opportunities
  • Researcher events and seminars
  • Changes in research policy
  • Opportunities for research and industry collaboration
  • Community and Fundraising events supporting/promoting HMRI research (including the HMRI Open Day)
  • Recognition of research excellence in medical research

If you have a question about a HMRI service or need some marketing or communications help contact the team. 

Contact: Ellie McNamara (02) 4042 0588


Linda Drummond

Linda Drummond

Media Officer and Community Marketing

Ellie McNamara

Communications Officer and Trade Marketing
Mark Rothfield - HMRI

Mark Rothfield

Marketing & Media Manager
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Cathy Wiseman

Digital Marketing
Communications Team
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