The state-of-the-art HMRI Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU) is located in the HMRI Building.

The area allows researchers to conduct clinical trials with an unprecedented ability to achieve accurate study results and track research outcomes.

Services for Researchers:

  • Clinical contact rooms
  • Specialised cough challenge clinic
  • Lung function machine
  • Expired nitrous oxide clinic
  • Nutrition lab
  • Access to HMRI parking for participants

If you wish to access the CTSU, please make an enquiry and HMRI will send you a copy of the HMRI Clinical Trials Centre Guidelines.

All personnel using the HMRI Clinical Trials Centre are required to be informed of the operational guidelines and sign the confirmation at the end of the HMRI Clinical Trials Centre Guideline document as well as completing the CTSU induction checklist.

If you would like to enquire or book a room within the CTSU please contact the unit with the following information: participant, name of the researcher, name of the clinical trial, preferred room booking times and duration, the preferred room and parking requirements.

All confidential participant information is held securely and is not otherwise visible or available.


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Kylie Coyle

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Tina Levey

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