Clinical Treatment & Palliative Care Research

Hunter researchers are always working to improve the treatments given and outcomes for patients with cancer. From optimising drug dosages and interactions to refining radiation oncology protocols, researchers are ensuring that treatments are served by a solid evidence base.

Many clinical trials are underway with collaborative associations including the Australia New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group, Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group and the Prostate Cancer Trials Group.

Hunter researchers were responsible for the instigation of the successful breast cancer screening program BreastScreen, including mobile screening units which were an Australian first.

Ensuring that the end-of-life experience is how a patient desires is also a focus of interest for Hunter researchers who conduct studies into palliative care the end-of-life ethics, including psycho-oncology or the effect of a cancer diagnosis on a person’s mental health.

Jenny Schneider
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Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Clinical Treatment & Palliative Care, Pancreatic, Colorectal & Rare Cancers
Dr Amy Waller
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Public Health
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Clinical Treatment & Palliative Care, Effective Health Services